Boston International Fine Art Show

Provincetown takes Boston by storm, for the 6th year running, at the 20th Anniversary of the Boston International Fine Art Show to benefit the Boston Athenaeum! This year at the Cyclorama should prove to be one of the best yet, featuring your favorites from the Bowersock stable as well as a showcase of new artists! We’ve moved our booth to boot, so stop by #30.

UNUSUAL NARRATIVES - Opening Reception Friday, September 2nd, 2016 / show runs through September, 15th

“Unusual Narratives” satiating the surrealistic deep appetite with Steve Bowersock and the fantastical whimsy of Carey Armstrong-Ellis is what’s on tap at Bowersock Gallery for the Labor Day Weekend show. Carey takes us on a journey into past remembrances as Steve pulls us into memory, but as well into other dimensions of being. They both have a tight hand which expertly navigates the canvas giving a realistic portrayal of all subjects, whether or not of this “earth.” Carey chooses to play with everyday toys and Steve uses his deliberate strokes to delve into other realms; bringing the realistic subject on a journey into the surreal.

COMPLICATED CONCEPTS & MODERN INTERPRETAITONS Friday, August, 26 2016, opening reception 7 to 9 p.m, runs through September 13th

Two solo exhibitions

The Bowersock Gallery's late summer exhibition features a rare run of two concurrent one-person shows; "Complicated Concepts" featuring the work of Christopher Pothier and "Modern Interpretations" with the art of Darlou Gams.
People tend to linger on the works of both artist, though for very different reason, Curator Steve Bowersock says. Pothier's work rattles back teeth and the mind, while holding the viewers’ attention hostage and demanding contemplation. Gams on the other hand soothes the disquieted spirit and takes viewers on a journey of an entirely different sentiment and tenor. 

THE BEAUTY OF COLOR - Friday, August 12th, 2016, Opening Reception 7-9pm / show through August 24th

The Beauty of Color - featuring artists Patricia Kaufman & Emma Ashby
“The Beauty of Color” is a show which serves to fully and completely please the aesthetic senses. Patricia Kaufman, with grand magnificence and thickness of stroke captures the abstract landscape using a bright, vivid palette.  Emma Ashby also uses a broad range of color but chooses to speak, deftly, through the encaustic medium layering her work into the 3D with tufts of fabric. Both artists capture the grand feminine while bringing us to a place of peaceful meditation.  

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