Lynn Libby is introducing a new series featuring Lake County and Mount Dora, called “Great Escapes, Lake Dora."

She has a great passion and penchant for the sea and sky which is reflected, expansively, in each piece. Her canvas is filled exclusively with soft pastels and her work is executed, skillfully, with a drawing technique in a painting style; pastels are ethereally luminous while holding to the spirit of nature’s own shades.  

Emma Ashby - Encaustic Fire Poppy 12x12

with an artist reception 6 to 8pm on Friday, December 11th, at Bowersock Gallery, 137 East 4th Ave, Mount Dora, Florida. and runs through January 4th.

You can stake your claim at “The Tiny Show” opens with an artist reception 6 to 8pm on. The show will feature quality art on small canvases, jewelry and sculptures done by renowned local and regional artists.

Our goal is to put art in more homes. There is no better way to start or augment a collection that buying small, It’s a ‘take two they’re small’ affair, an art collector’s dream.

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Retrospective runs through Sept 24th, 2015
Where: Bowersock Gallery, 373 Commercial St., Provincetown, MA

William Thomson, an outstanding, contemporary American artist, whose work is part of numerous University and International art museum collections, gently passed away at the end of 2014.  "The William Thomson Retrospective: A Life of Beauty." The exhibit will include familiar series, along with some works, never publically shown, kept close in Thomson’s private collection.  

William was quite the prolific painter, his work marked by a unique hand as the master of many mediums.  He had much to say, as he observed the human spirit, and cared very much about how he communicated onto the canvas.  He unleashed a power; an unseen energy pulsates throughout every landscape, figurative piece and abstract.

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